What Your pH Says About You–Alkaline/Alkaline

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pH Paper

Urine/Saliva pH Test Paper


With the urine and saliva both above 6.5 it shows the urine, saliva, & average to be alkaline.  This arrangement will mean that the person is in a biochemical pattern for constipation. The system is overloaded with toxins from the usual metabolic wastes of cell function and also from the bowel reabsorbing putrefactive chemicals due to the fecal matter remaining in the system too long.  The presence of parasites is very likely in this range, since free room and board is being provided. This pH configuration will aggravate deterioration of disks, especially those in the back.  Deterioration of cartilage tissue is also aggravated.  Upper respiratory and sinus congestion will be aggravated, as will lymph congestion.   This type of person may be prone to lung infections.  In the years when tuberculosis was  a problem, this type of chemistry would have made this person very likely to come down with the disease.  Body odors, from breath to feet to bowel gas, will be symptoms related to this pattern.  Anatomically, this type of person would have an abdomen that would become more distended with age (other reasons also play into this).  In later life, there is a tendency to be overweight.  There is often a problem with skin pigmentation, because this pattern usually means that vitamin D is ratioed in the direction of excess.  An anionic pH will increase the production of melanin, or skin pigment, causing more energy to be absorbed from the sun, resulting in greater vitamin D production.  Blood pressure can be affected. Various types of skin tumors and lesions, boils and cysts may develop.  Tooth decay can be excessive, especially when the overall diet has been poor.  Women may complain of cracking, splitting, and ridged fingernails.  Women’s menstrual cycles can become very uncomfortable, with excessive hemorrhage and/or cramping, because of the body trying to use the uterus as a point of dumping toxins from other areas of the body.  PMS is a potential in this configuration.  The right side of the body will be the weak side, which means that this person will have a strong tendency for developing curvature of the spine to the left, as the body pulls toward the strong side.  Of course, this depends on how long this pattern has been in existence.  You may not realize it, but a person with this anionic pH pattern will have a tendency to cross the left leg over the right when sitting or favor standing on the left leg (strong side) while standing for long periods of time.  From a chiropractic standpoint, the left leg will tend to be shorter than the right, unless the person prefers sleeping on the strong side (left).  In that situation the spine will have an “S” curve configuration, meaning that the right hip will be higher than the usual strong side.  Vitamin C is very lacking in the system; and, in this situation, high levels of vitamin C can be used to provide extra cations in the diet to help lower the pH.  Mega doses of vitamin C may be used in this pattern, depending on how strongly anionic the pH, but, remember,  when the body is forced to change pH ranges without the understanding of how mineral energy, especially calciums, fit into the picture, the body will not respond consistently.  The excess vitamin C may result in aggravating excessive gas and/or diarrhea.

Excerpted from Biological Ionization as it Applies to Human Nutrition by A. F. Beddoe

To Your Health,

Coach Debbie

Know Your Health with U/S A! part 1

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U/S A (Urine/Saliva Anaylsis) part 1

Common Sense + 1.5  6.4/6.4  6-7C  .04M  3/3 = Perfect Health

 Utilizing the RBTI to create a Healthy Lifestyle will allow you to build a solid foundation for your health by looking at 7 parameters.  Within these parameters is seen a picture of the workings going on inside of your own body.  Not every aspect of the numbers needs to be understood by everyone attempting to let the RBTI knowledge lead them to better health.  For a complete understanding, please contact your RBTI consultant or use the contact us page to ask me any questions you might have that I have not already answered within this website. Don’t forget to check the FAQ page.

 There are a few very important points to remember about the Reams Biological Theory of Ionization:

  1.   All of the credit for the discovery and success of the RBTI goes to the God of creation. He is the God of mathematics, creating everything which was created through the expression of mathematics.
  2.  It is the only method that expresses the complexities of human biological life in mathematical terms.
  3.  All of the readings vary independently of each other, yet none of them are perfect unless ALL of the numbers are perfect.
  4.  The numbers show the results of nothing more than mineral deficiencies,  all disease is the result of a mineral deficiency, therefore if the numbers are perfect-minerals are not deficient, illness is not manifesting itself, and the body is able to repair itself.
  5.  The RBTI is based on the premise that we live off the energy created from the food we digest. Fix the digestion (which starts in the liver) and you have prepared for yourself a foundation upon which to build a very healthy house!

Common Sense:

The first and most important part of the entire equation is common sense.  Most of us already know that many of our habits could have a detrimental effect. Smoking, drinking, and drugs are probably the most obvious, but other habits such as staying up late, watching too much TV, not spending enough time outdoors, worry, anger, etc. also have a detrimental effect.  Something some of you may not realize is that a very limited diet is also just as dangerous. 

Do you unknowingly live with a limited diet?

Have you ever wondered what the common denominator of family history is?  Why do illnesses follow a family line?  From an RBTI perspective, it is because we eat what our parents ate, and they ate what their parents ate, etc.  What this means is we have probably limited our diet from a hereditary standpoint so we become ill from a hereditary standpoint. 

Common sense has a large role to play in creating a healthy foundation for the rest of your life. Look back into your family’s past and see if you can notice similarities and differences that you can use to propel you in making smart choices for your future.

1.5 Percent Sucrose, Degrees Brix Refractometer°Brix: Measured with a refractometer as seen here.

Utilizing the urine sample we measure the °brix to find out the level of carbohydrates that are being thrown off in your urine.  This tells you a few things about how your body is utilizing all sugars.

First, if the number is very low (from 0 – 1.2) you would expect to be experiencing hypoglycemic-like (low blood sugar) symptoms, as your pancreas is “dumping” too much insulin or you are not ingesting enough carbohydrate.

Second, if the number is very high (above 5.5) you may be experiencing diabetic-like (high blood sugar) symptoms, and your pancreas is not able to create enough insulin to keep up with the amount of carbohydrates ingested or the pancreas is not producing much insulin at all.

Third, if the reading is between 2 and 5.49 (known as the “Zone of Misery), your blood sugar level could drop at any time into the low blood sugar range.

Finally, if your urine carbohydrates are reading between 1.2 and 2.0 °brix then you are doing good. This is where your sugars reading needs to remain throughout the entire healing process.  Once your body’s mineral balance is stabilized and the rest of the numbers remain in the best range long enough, the sugars reading should stabilize at 1.5 °brix regardless of what you eat (assuming good eating habits for the most part-common sense again).

One caveat about urine °Brix as measured on a 0-10 or 1-32 refractometer: Salts are also a dissolved solid that can & will be picked up by a refractometer if the level of salts in your system is high enough.  This is why we need all the numbers in order to know what is needed in regards to a correct diet.

Stay tuned for part 2: Urine/Saliva pH measurement. 6.4/6.4

Rest and Rhythm

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Victorian bed with woman stretching after a rest.

Rest time is an important period of time to be set aside, during which the body and the mind are put in neutral, so that the body’s systems are allowed to catch up with the demands that have been put upon them. (The mind is taken off of all fears, anxiety, concerns, worries, stress, etc. The focus can then turn to perfect health.) When our body is moving and our mind is working, healing is slowed dramatically. This is why a rhythmic rest period is so vital to your wellbeing. Resting on a schedule creates a rhythm your body can count on and it will. After a period of time you will look forward to your rest period, be it day or night, as the most enjoyable part of your schedule.

Please realize that when rest is called for in any program, it should be followed. If there is any confusion as to how much rest, be sure and ask. When the body is in need of rest, it cannot get by without it. In order to help your body improve its wellness, you cannot be burning up “energy” in everyday work and worries. There is no amount of food supplement that can compensate for lack of rest.

    Rest is very important to acquire on a regular schedule. This is because when the “laws of nature” were set forth, biologic life was given cycles and rhythms to help establish habits and patterns that promoted life. Man is the most intelligent of all beings, yet he abuses himself the most when it comes to irregular schedules and lifestyle habits. With today’s air transportation, it is not uncommon to see individuals very ill only because the rest cycle was altered by an “around the world” jet trip.

    What are these rhythms and why should you have some understanding about them and their relationship to rest?

    One of the major contributing factors to “sub health” in humans today is the lack of schedules. The poorer the health, usually the more disorganized the lifestyle is. They do not eat at the same time every day. These individuals do not go to bed at the same time, nor get up at the same time. Their bowel movements are irregular. Also, their exercise habits are irregular. It is regularity in everything that allows the body to function at its peak. Even your liver has cycles, and they are anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes apart. Taking lemon water can be very helpful in re-establishing those cycles. When rhythm is re-established, our bodies are more capable of performing the required tasks to clean and maintain, repair and rebuild. Our bodies are smart enough to know “now is the time“! It’s time for rest, it’s time for food, it’s time for supplements, it’s time to get busy, and it’s time to shut down.

    It is known that there are daily body biorhythms
that the systems must be tuned to. Much has been recorded regarding the cycles of the universe in general. Recognizing the importance of these biorhythmic cycles is just like a musician recognizing that there is a particular “A” on the music scale that his instrument must be tuned to – not just any “A”.

    Dr. Halberg, of the Chronobiology Laboratories of the University of Minnesota, is a dean of biorhythm research in America. He showed, by putting a man in a cave and controlling conditions, that when nothing in the external world interferes with the persons internal body rhythms, a man’s heart rate clearly reveals a seven-day rhythm.

    Other researchers have discovered, over a 15 year period, that healthy men excrete hormones like ketosteriods on a seven-day rhythm. Another team found that post-operative inflammatory swelling came on a regular predictable seven-day rhythm after oral surgery. A seven-day rhythm has been found related to the cortisol binding protein production in lactating mothers. Other demonstrations are found in serious rejection of transplanted kidneys after surgery. Seven days after the operation a variety of immune reactions set up a seven-day rhythm that complicates the post-operative outcome.

    Mathematical studies of attempted suicides and completed suicides show that they tend to follow a seven-day rhythm in incidents. Fewer occur on weekends, and more occur in mid-week, on a regular repetitive seven-day pattern.

     And, of course, the seven-day rhythms have also been found in monkeys, dogs, rats, and other organisms.

    In overview, let us outline the pertinent principles of rhythm and rest:

  1. Start the night’s sleep period as close to the same time as possible.
  2. Get up at the same time every day.
  3. Create a morning and evening routine that you can stick to as much as possible.
  4. Eat your meals at as close to the same time as possible (within ½ hour either way).
  5. Do not eat within 3 hours of going to bed at night. For some people it is best not to eat the evening meal at all.
  6. Drink your distilled water as directed, on the hourly or half-hourly schedule.
  7. Sleep with good ventilation at night and air out the bedrooms in the daytime. Air out the bedding as well.
  8. If complete bed rest for a period of time is suggested, that is just what it means. Do
    but get up to go to the bathroom.

Death by Diabetes…NOT!

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Diabetes is becoming a national epidemic!

It doesn’t have to affect you or your family. Diabetes is the result of diet & lifestyle habits. Change those habits and diabetes is a thing of the past. Diabetes is the culminative effect of too much glucose in the bloodstream coupled with too little insulin and not enough vitamin C and chlorophyll in the diet.  Exercise is also lacking in America with our fast-paced but sedentary lifestyle. Exercise is a great means of using up some extra glucose that’s in your bloodstream.


So, what do you do to avoid getting Diabetes?




Go walking. You’ve heard it before, get off the bus or subway one stop early, take the stairs instead of the elevator, & walk to work if its under a mile. The best thing for overall health and wellbeing is to take a walk with empty hands, arms swinging, and nothing on your mind. 30 – 45 minutes a day is enough to create immense changes in your body and it doesn’t matter if you walk all at once or split it up into 2 or 3 different sessions. Just go for a walk!


White FlourAvoid “white” products. If its white it ain’t right. White potatoes, white flour, & white rice give off too much glucose too quickly and creates an imbalance in your system. After a while your body gets tired of dealing with too much stimulation and starts shutting down. Try red potatoes if you must have potatoes. Potatoes would rarely be eaten at all if it weren’t for the toppings. Switch to whole grains and brown rice and try to get as much variety in choices as possible.



Fruits are sweetsNo “sweets” after 2PM.  At 2 o’clock PM your body starts shifting into evening mode. It’s getting ready for the night shift. When you eat sweets or any high-carbohydrate food after 2PM you are going against your body’s natural bio-rhythm. Your body doesn’t need the energy available from glucose while it’s sleeping so from 2PM till 10PM, it’s trying to use the extra stores of glucose so there won’t be an over abundance in your bloodstream while you’re sleeping. Eating sweets or other high carbohydrates in the afternoon forces your body to deal with that energy instead of using up the extra stores.



Drink WaterDrink Water. This one should be a no-brainer, but for some reason Americans don’t drink enough water. For cleansing purposes the water you drink should be steam distilled water. This is because steam distilled water is a high-energy, hungry water. It’s ready to absorb all sorts of toxins and debris of cellular metabolism. Water drinking should be evenly paced throughout the day from 8AM to 6PM. To figure out how much water you & your family needs to drink, take your body weight, divide it in 1/2, and call it ounces. So a 150 pound person would drink 75 ounces through the day. I recommend breaking this up into 20 servings, one every 1/2 hour. So that would be 3.75 ounces every 1/2 hour.


And what if you already have Diabetes-insulin dependent or not?

I am very confident that if you start implementing these 4 tips your body will start responding. It’s amazing what a few simple changes in your diet and lifestyle can do. Children are very quick to bounce back to good health after implementing healthier habits. Grown-ups take a little longer.

Eat more vegetables, have a simple dinner, laugh, love, sing, & just learn to enjoy life. Your body will thank you for it.

For more information or to sign up for a free confidential health history to discuss your 3 main health goals, click here.

Don’t forget to sign up for my Monthly Newsletter. It’s chalk full of tips and tricks for a healthier, happier family.


Until next time, have a wonderful healthy day!

To Your Health,

Coach Debbie

Kids ARE Beasts, or not :)


Kids are wonderful!

I mean, where would the world be without them? But why do they have to have such an attitude? Why can’t they just cool it, listen to you and realize that you do know what’s best for them?

Kids are Mineral Deficient

Angry, fearful, frustrated, testy, tearful, these are all signs of mineral deficiency. Interesting, but true! Kids don’t have a leg to stand on in this mineral deficient world we live in now. Let alone the parents! Even when you try to purchase the best of the best produce at the grocery store, it is most likely deficient in minerals. The farmers do the best they can with the info they have, but it’s just not enough.

Urine pH

Urine pH is the means I use to find out which minerals your child is lacking, and conversely, which minerals are in overabundance causing an imbalance that results in “attitude”.  Check yourself and your kids, find out where the balance is weighing and get everyone on the right minerals and food for their own body chemistry.

Calcium is August to Health

There are 250 thousand different frequencies of calcium broken down into 7 different classifications. The urine pH tells you which classification of calcium one would need to adjust their “attitude”Calcium Gluconate is a great neutral calcium which you should be getting plenty of no matter what chemistry pattern your body is in. Gluconate can be purchased in supplement form or found in abundance in powdered milk. Adding powdered milk to cooked dishes helps raise the calcium content of the finished meal. Calcium Lactate helps lower a pH that is above 6.5. Calcium Lactate may also be purchased as a supplement, but it is best if sour milk products are used instead, such as Buttermilk & acidophilus milk. Calcium Carbonate pushes the pH up towards 6.4. Once again a supplement may be used, but food choices would be broccoli, green beans, Millet, squash, sweet fruit, & baking soda.

Variety is the spice of life

In much variety there is safety! Healthy “attitudes” are much easier to achieve if you avoid the products in the middle of the grocery store as much as possible and start adding in to your child’s diet as much as possible of the foods lining the outside edges of the store. This is where you will find the healthier items that are going to give them strength of character. In addition, these are the areas of the store where the nutrients for life are found, unless you grow your own garden and eat exclusively from the homestead.

For more information on feeding your child a healthy diet so they’ll have a healthy “attitude” sign up for my monthly newsletter and I’ll send you my article, “Recommendations for Children”.

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How We Repress Emotions

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When we have an experience that we find painful or difficult, and are either unable to cope with the pain, or just afraid of it, we often dismiss this emotion and either get busy, exercise more, drink or eat a bit more, or just pretend it has not happened. When we do this we do not feel the emotion and this results in what is called repressed, suppressed or buried emotions. These feelings stay in our muscles, ligaments, stomach, midriff, auras. These emotions remain buried within us until we bring that emotion up and feel the emotion, thus releasing it. Emotions that are buried on the long-term are the emotions that normally cause physical illness.

The following are a few examples of the methods people use to avoid feeling their emotions.

  • Ignoring your feelings
  • Pretending something hasn’t happened
  • Overeating
  • Eating foods loaded with sugar and fat
  • Excessive drinking of alcohol
  • Excessive use of recreational drugs
  • Using prescription drugs such as tranquilizers or Prozac
  • Exercising compulsively
  • Any type of compulsive behavior
  • Excessive sex with or without a partner
  • Always keeping busy so you can’t feel
  • Constant intellectualizing and analyzing
  • Excessive reading or TV
  • Working Excessively
  • Keeping conversations superficial
  • Burying angry emotions under the mask of peace and love
  • Thanks to Mary Kurus for this information!

Emotions play a major role in your life! It is important to take time out when an event occurs, good or bad, to feel the emotion attached. Don’t avoid it, don’t analyze it. Feel It! In Ayurveda they teach you to feel your emotion and then figuratively watch it go away, especially with the “negative” emotions. I say negative like that because there is no such thing as negative emotions. All of your emotions are there for a reason, to tell you a story. When you hold on to that emotion instead of feeling it and knowing the story behind it with the plot, climax, & moral involved then that emotion will most likely end up repressed, suppressed, or buried. If you have emotional troubles that you can’t get past, that you’ve buried, repressed, or suppressed get an SAF®* Chain done for you and  work with your SAF® Mentor to work through those emotions. In the event you need to go even deeper with your past issues, maybe even from the womb, you would do well to have a MemGram® Processor work with you to really dig deep and find out what it is you’re supposed to learn by having all of those negative experiences in your life.We all, me included, have a core belief or value we have to learn. This core issue is the most difficult for us to be OK with. Everything that comes our way seems to knock us down, bowl us over, push us back ten steps, and act as if we are always and forever hitting a brick wall! This doesn’t have to be so. I am now a MemGram® & SAF® Processor because I have gone through the process and become free of my past. My core value still tries to come in, throw a barrage of emotions at me & keep me pinned down. Now I know how to respond so I remain free to be who I was meant to be. I am here to help you achieve the same freedom. Contact me today to start learning what it feels like to be who you are supposed to be. It’s a JOURNEY you’ll never regret!

SAF=Self Awareness Formulas developed by Joseph Scogna

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